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About our Organization:


Although the name has changed, our organization's primary goal has not changed in the twenty-eight years we have been working together: DMAC provides a forum where those who teach Media subjects at the secondary level can network and exchange resources, information, and expertise. We welcome and support teachers from a wide variety of Media-related backgrounds: Media Arts, Television Production, Video, Film, Filmmaking, Newspaper, Communications, Visual Communications, Photography, Graphic Design, and Journalism.


This year, we will continue our annual sessions:


At the Teachers Conference, (held on Thursday, December 6, 2018) teachers attend workshops and roundtables on topics selected by the membership. This year we will have two expert speakers, one talking on improving storytelling through the use of Virtual Reality and the other discussing the implications of existing copyright laws in light of new technological development.   At the teachers conference, we will also distribute and discuss the standards for the spring student competition. Make plans now to join us December 6th from 9:00am to 2:00pm at Robert

Morris University's Yorktown Hall.


Even if you miss the Fall Conference, students from DMAC member schools are invited to enter into the 2018 Student Festival. This year, we will offer a broad array of twenty categories in video, photography, and journalism to showcase your students' best work. Entries that demonstrate a high level of achievement are honored with an Award of Excellence. Plus, every entry receives impartial feedback from judges. Submission deadlines will be in late February 2018.


At the DMAC Student Video Festival (held on Thursday, April 4, 2019) more than 500 local media students and their teachers gather to view the winning entries.  Interacting with other students and seeing clips from productions from all over the region will give your students a chance to compare their skills and achievements to peers while providing ideas for upcoming shows and projects.


At the festival, DMAC honors a graduating senior from each member's school with a Founders Award. For consideration, students must have the recommendation of a DMAC member.


During the festival, students can participate in workshops offered by industry professionals, discussing their experiences and pulling back the curtain on their craft.


All these events happen because the volunteers who comprise the DMAC membership plan, organize, and run them.


Members are encouraged to join our monthly Google Hangout meetings to offer input as we collaborate to offer these events. We meet in the middle of every month -- email for details!


We hope that you will choose to join us!



Michelle Kramer

DMAC Chairperson 2017-2019